Guiding the Startups,Inventors and Applicants to achieve their desired patents through Kalam Dream Labs.


A patent gives the inventor exclusive rights to make, use, sell, and distribute the patented invention for a limited period, typically 20 years from the filing date of the patent application. To receive a patent, the inventor must publicly disclose detailed information about the invention.

Kalam Dream Labs is dedicated to supporting eligible startups, inventors, and applicants in navigating the complex patenting process to achieve their desired patents. Offering comprehensive assistance and expert guidance, Kalam Dream Labs ensures that each innovation is meticulously documented and protected. Kalam Dream Labs helps Startups,Inventors with everything from initial patent searches and drafting applications to prosecuting patents and managing intellectual property portfolios. By providing these services, Kalam Dream Labs empowers innovators to secure exclusive rights for their inventions, fostering a culture of creativity and technological advancement.Our past works include Launching 2 patents for Avan Tech Pvt. Ltd also assisted in its funding of 30 lakh rupees which is an automatic water level controlling unit .

How it works ?

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Kalam Dream Labs begins by meeting with startups, inventors, and applicants to understand their inventions and needs. We conduct feasibility studies and preliminary patent searches to assess patentability and ensure novelty.

Detailed Patent Search and Analysis

At Kalam Dream Labs, we conduct a thorough patent search to identify potential obstacles to patentability. We then formulate a strategic plan to ensure the invention meets all requirements for patent application.

Patent Application Drafting

Next, Kalam Dream Labs assists in preparing precise patent documents, ensuring they thoroughly describe the invention. We then conduct thorough examinations to ensure compliance with patent laws and regulations.

Filing the Patent Application

We help in Files the patent application with the appropriate patent office(s) on behalf of the inventor or startup. We also take care of all formalities in the filing process.

Patent Prosecution

During patent prosecution, Kalam Dream Labs acts as a liaison between the inventor and the patent office, managing correspondence and addressing examiner concerns. We also prepare and submit necessary amendments to advance the application toward approval.

Patent Grant and Maintenance

Once granted, Kalam Dream Labs notifies the client and provides the official patent certificate. We also offer guidance on maintaining the patent, including fee payments and legal compliance.

Post-Grant Support

After the patent grant, Kalam Dream Labs supports commercialization, advising on licensing and partnerships. We also assist in enforcing patent rights and defending against infringement in legal disputes.

Continuous Monitoring and Portfolio Management

Kalam Dream Labs monitors markets and patents for infringers and developments. We manage clients' IP portfolios, ensuring optimal protection and utilisation of patents.


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How does Kalam Dream Labs ensure the patentability of an invention?
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